Thursday, September 3, 2015

Highlights of the Week
Harlem Ambassadors
Students not only enjoyed watching the Harlem Ambassadors shoot amazing baskets, but they also listened to several important anti-bullying messages.   They learned about the importance of teamwork and about treating others with respect.  We thank the PTO for funding this highly entertaining and important assembly!

Safety Drills
Safety is the number one priority of our school and District.  This week we had the opportunity to collaborate with members of the District security team as we reviewed our lockout and lockdown practices.  A lockout occurs when there is a threat outside of the building.  During a lockout students must remain in the building, but they are able to carry on with business as usual.  We engage in a lockdown when the threat is inside the building.  This week we practiced the lockdown drill and received positive feedback from outside security personnel.  When we practice the lockdown drill our new alarm signal will notify those outside of the building three times that we going into a lockdown via our outdoor intercom.  Please know that we will continue to practice all of our drills throughout the year.

Focus on Literacy
All students are digging into reading instruction and practicing essential thinking strategies that we use as adults.  Most students are learning how to monitor their comprehension.  This strategy requires students to check if they understand what they reading and apply a variety of corrective strategies if meaning breaks down.  Some "fix up" strategies include rereading and using picture clues.   I am impressed with how students are reflecting on their thinking while reading texts at their own level. 

Teachers have also been setting individual goals for students that are based on the assessment data obtained during assessment days.  Teachers will share your child’s particular strengths and areas of growth with you during parent teacher conferences at the end of the month.

Upcoming Events
·      September 7 – No School: Labor Day
·      September 8 – PTO Mtg @ 6:30-7:30 in the Gold Mine Room
·      September 9 - Legend Homecoming Parade @ 5:00
·      September 15 – School Adviosry Mtg @ 5:00-6:00 in the Gold Mine Room
·      September 29 -  Parent / Teacher Conferences

·      October 1 – Parent Teacher Conferences

Legend High School Homecoming
Support our feeder area High School by attending the homecoming parade this Wednesday at 5 PM. You can also attend the homecoming game on Friday, September 11, at 7-9 PM.  Students who wear a Gold Rush t-shirt will be admitted for $1.00.