Friday, November 6, 2015

Teachers Focus on Performance-Based Assessments
During our professional development day on Tuesday, teachers practiced, shared and created performance-based assessments.  Performance-based assessments provide students with opportunities to apply what they are learning in real world settings.  First grade students, for example, created videos for new students and the school’s “Go For The Gold Assembly.”  Through this assessment, students demonstrated their ability to evaluate the roles and responsibilities of effective citizens.  Fifth grade students applied their knowledge of multiplication and division when they determined how much money individual families would have to contribute to meet our school goal of $30,000.  Performance-based assessments not only provide a real world context and stress application of knowledge, they also increase student engagement and allow students to express their ideas and create in multiple ways.  We look forward to continuing to provide your students with these opportunities.

New Report Card
Teachers continue to prepare for the new elementary report card, which will be implemented this December.  As you recall, the report card will provide you with information on how your child is performing on the following four elements of the District’s guaranteed and viable curriculum:

·      World Class Outcomes
o   Broader outcomes that push students to think at higher levels by having them evaluate, create and analyze.

·      Content Standards
o   State standards that define specific content to be taught at each grade level.

·      4 Cs
o   The 4cs are essential life skills that future leaders, workers and citizens need in order to be successful.
o   Students are instructed and assessed on each of the following four Cs at each grade level: critical thinking, collaboration, communication & creativity.

·      21st Century Skills
o   21st Century Skills are skills that allow them to navigate in a globally interconnected world.
o   Students are instructed and assessed one or two of the following 21st Century skills at each grade level: Systems Thinking, Financial Responsibility, Civic Responsibility, Problem Solving, Resiliency, Global Awareness, Health and Wellness and Global Awareness.

The report card will also provide you with information on how your child is meeting school expectations.  Gold Rush has defined school expectations as how well students “Go for the GOLD,” or Give Respect, Own Your Actions, Listen and Learn and Do Your Best.  Click here for the examples of how our school has identified these behaviors throughout our building.

SAC Approved GRE’s Unified Improvement Plan
This week Gold Rush’s School Accountability Committee approved the building’s Unified Improvement Plan for 2015-2016.  The school celebrated targeted students’ growth, especially in the area of math.  Gold Rush will continue to monitor all students’ ability to make at least a year’s growth in literacy by implementing the following improvement strategies:

·      Targeting individual students’ needs and instruction in literacy through goal setting.
·      Increasing the rigor and relevance of literacy instruction through performance-based assessments.

Click here for additional information regarding the unified improvement plan.   

Principal Support During Maternity Leave
Patti Magby will support Gold Rush Assistant Principal, Libby Bergner, and Gold Rush’s Professional Learning Specialist, Kristi Barta, while Jenny Brown is out on maternity leave.  Jenny is due on November 18 and plans to return on February 10th.  Patti has over 20 years of administrative experience and she is currently the principal of Meadow View Elementary School in Castle Rock.  Please help me welcome Mrs. Magby to our school!

Thanksgiving Feast
We are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving as a school community on Wednesday, November 18th, with our annual Thanksgiving Feast!  Please make your reservations by Friday, November 13.  The cost for parents and siblings is $4.00 per person.  You can make a reservation online by clicking here.  Gold Rush students will pay using their lunch accounts.  Please bring your printed receipt as your meal ticket. 
We also need volunteers for this event. Click here to help during the feast. You can sign up before or after your child's scheduled lunchtime (see below).  We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you at the event! 

11:00-11:20    Castro, Meredith, & Russell
11:10-11:30    Schwartz & Shepperd
11:25-11:45    M. Lewis & Martino
11:35-11:55    McMillan & Rossi
11:55-12:15    Zankey
12:05-12:25    Kindie Enrichment (in the Art room)
12:10-12:30    Graham & Meier
12:20-12:40    Moore & Woolums
12:30-12:50    Dalcerri, Hawk, & Holtzer
12:40-1:00     Lautenbach & Rayens
12:55-1:15    Kramer, A. Lewis, & Peters
1:00-1:20      Poli & Wilson

Digger Dash Dollars
We are so close to reaching our goal of $30,000 for our new shade structure for the front playground.  Please keep those donations rolling into the PTO so that we are able to achieve our goal!

Upcoming Events
·      November 9 – 13: Book Fair
·      November 10: PTO Mtg @ 6:30 in the Gold Mine Room
·      November 18: Gold Rush Thanksgiving Feast
·      November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break 

Open Enrollment

The window for Open Enrollment is November 1st through January 5th.  Click  here  to open enroll.  Please feel free to contact Gold Rush’s Registrar, Anita Rudman, at or 303-387-7707 if you have any questions.