Friday, May 27, 2016

Gold Rush hosted its version of the Olympics during field day.  Students enjoyed a wide variety of activities including relay races, fencing, volleyball and soccer.  Each activity was an opportunity for students to collaborate and cheer on their classmates.  We thank Mrs. Warner, our physical education teacher, and our parent volunteers for making this incredible event possible!

Three of our five fifth grade classrooms went on their outdoor education field trip this week and had a great time.  Our remaining classes are looking forward to going next week.  

After fundraising for Dumb Friends League all year, student council representatives visited the organization they have worked hard to support.  GRE students chose to donate proceeds from school spirit days to this nonprofit because of their passion for animals.  We thank our student council, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Lautenbauch for their efforts!

5th graders created their own tiles to mark their time at Gold Rush.  Each tile represents something special about the child.  Tiles will be displayed in the cafeteria in the fall.

Yearbooks will be distributed to students on Wednesday, June 1. A limited number of extra yearbooks will be sold Thursday morning (June 2) in the office on a first come, first serve basis beginning at 8:00AM.  We only accept checks ($20) made out to GRE.  Parents must be present to purchase yearbooks and families are limited to one yearbook.

Lost and Found items are currently being displayed on the stairs in the main hall through Wednesday, June 3.  Please encourage your child to pick up anything that belongs to him/her. All remaining items will be donated to charity.

We have received positive feedback from families and staff members regarding our electronic Thursday folder.  Both parties have shared that they are getting information in a more timely manner through this format.  Based on this feedback we will no longer send home paper flyers on a weekly basis.  Parents will continue to receive their students' graded work.

May 30th- NO SCHOOL- Memorial Day
May 31st- Field Day Kindergarten & Preschool
June 1st- End of the Year Picnic- 5:00PM- 7:00PM
June 2nd- Last day of school
June 8th - SAC Meeting at 11AM @ Gold Mine Room


In an effort to improve our practices, we would like to initiate a rolling start to the school day next year.  Instead of having students line up outside of the building each morning, students will enter the building from the main entrance between 8:20-8:30 AM and report directly to their classroom.  Teachers will supervise students in the classroom as they begin their morning routine.  We believe that this new morning routine will allow for a more natural transition to the start of the school day.

During Meet Your Teacher, parents will have an opportunity to show their child how to walk to his/her new classroom.  Students will meet their teacher in their line outside on the first day of school where they will participate in a flag ceremony with their class.  Classroom teachers will review how students will walk to their classroom on the first day.  On Tuesday, August 9, students will enter the school between 8:20 AM and 8:30 AM.  Staff members will escort students to their classrooms that need additional assistance.  To ensure all students’ safety, we ask that parents:

1) DO NOT drop off their child before 8:20 AM
2) Say good-bye to their children outside of the building.

Supervision, including cross walk supervision, will not be provided prior to 8:20 AM so it is essential that students do not arrive prior to that time.

August 5: Meet Your Teacher
Parents show their child how to walk to his/her new classroom.
August 8: First Day of School
Students meet their teachers in a line outside for an opening flag ceremony.
Teachers show their students how to walk to their classroom.
August 9: Second Day of School
Students walk to their classrooms between 8:20AM - 8:30AM.
Parents say good-bye outside of the building.

Bell System
8:20 AM First Bell
Signals that students can enter the building.
Cross walk supervision begins.
Students should not arrive to school prior to this bell.

8:30 AM Start of the School Day

8:35 Tardy Bell

Teachers are celebrating students’ growth as they are working on spring Elementary School Progress Reports (EPRs).  EPRs will be released to parents on Monday, June 6th, at midnight through Parent Portal.  You will be able to access your child's EPR on this date by following the directions below.

·          Go to the Gold Rush Website -
·          Then to Parent Resources
·          Then to EPR.  Use your Parent Portal credentials to log in.
·          Then click "view Elementary Progress report" under your student's picture

As you recall, the new progress report card includes the four elements of the Douglas County School District’s guaranteed and viable curriculum. In addition to reporting out on how well your child is progressing in each content area (reading, writing, math, social studies and science), you will receive information on how well he/she is progressing on the 4cs (communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking) and select 21st century skills (resiliency, problem solving, civic responsibility, health and wellness, global awareness and systems thinking).  

There are also two primary differences between the fall EPR and the spring version.  The District adopted a consistent grading scale that is shown below.

"Exceeds" indicates a high level of achievement; it communicates that a student has a strong understanding of content/concepts/skills taught during the semester and can demonstrate understanding independently and with very few errors.
"Meets" indicates that a student demonstrates understanding of content/concepts/skills most of the time and with limited support. Student makes few major errors or omissions when demonstrating concepts/skill.
"Approaching" indicates that a students requires moderate support to demonstrate understanding of concepts/skills. Demonstrated understanding of concepts/skills is inconsistent or infrequent indicating a partial understanding of the content/concepts/skills. Errors or omissions in work are more frequent.
"Does Not Meet" indicates that a student seldom demonstrates understanding of concepts and skills taught during the semester. Student requires considerable support to demonstrate learning of concepts and skills and makes frequent major errors when demonstrating understanding.

You will also notice two ways to view your child’s information.  A new highlights page includes a snapshot of how your child performed on content standards in the areas of reading, writing and math and how your child met our school expectations of Going for the G.O.L.D.  It also includes general classroom comments and individual student comments.  The comprehensive view allows you to see how your child did on all four elements of the District’s guaranteed and viable curriculum in all subject areas and specials.  You are also able to view any additional comments for the specific content areas.  You are able to access both views by clicking on the links at the top of the screen. 

Lend A Hand Back to School Supplies
If you are in need of school supplies for next school year, the Douglas County Educational Foundation is offering Lend A Hand: Back 2 School Supply Drive for Douglas County Children-  Register by clicking here
DCSD Summer Free Lunch Program
Spanish Club for 2016/2017
PTO End of the Year Picnic 

PTO 2nd Annual Used Book Sale

Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park Community Days
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 3, 4, 5
Tickets only $26.99; purchase by 5/31 and receive another FREE ticket valid 8/15/16-10/16/16
Link to purchase tickets: