Friday, September 16, 2016

Mathematical Mindsets
Gold Rush teachers are discussing the text Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler.  Boaler identifies several essential elements of this content area, including modeling a mathematical mindset.  Boaler defines a mathematical mindset as a belief that anyone can learn math and be a strong mathematician.  She contrasts a mathematical mindset with a fixed mindset that suggests only some people are born with the ability to do math well.

Boaler argues that all children are capable mathematicians.  She cites brain research that shows brains are constantly evolving.  Research also notes that individuals develop synapses by making mistakes and those that have a mathematical mindset learn more from mistakes than those with a fixed mindset.  Boaler encourages teachers and parents to explicitly promote mathematical mindsets because they foster greater learning and a love of math.  She states, "if we believe that we can learn, and that mistakes are valuable, our brains grow to a greater extent when we make a mistake."

As teachers, we discussed the need to provide rigorous tasks that provide all students the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.  We also talked about the importance of valuing mistakes in the classroom.  In addition, teacher reflected on their own language and how they could be more deliberate in communicating that all students can be strong mathematicians.  Learn more about math mindsets by watching the video below.


Teaming for Technology
Classroom teachers at all grade levels are partnering with our technology teacher to ensure that technology is being used to enhance our curriculum.  Teachers planned lessons together and this week kindergartners and fifth graders are working together to integrate technology.  Kindergartners are using chatter pics to share what they learned about the rights, roles and responsibilities of effective citizenship.  Students in fifth grade are collaborating on shared google docs and google slides to identify a location for a company to harness a new renewable energy source.  It is exciting to see the excitement, critical thinking and collaboration that is occurring as a result of teachers working together.

Participating in Legend Homecoming Events
Gold Rush has enjoyed participating in Legend High School's homecoming events! We congratulate them on their win!

We thank the PTO for a wonderful Western Night!  We all had a great night! A special thank you to Angle Zayaz, Christine Armstrong and Kathy Santelli!

Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling
Conferences will be held on Tuesday, September 27th, and Wednesday, October 5th.  Parents will be able to schedule conferences beginning Friday, September 16th, at 4:00 pm.  Click here  to schedule your conference. The password is "digger".  Please be thoughtful of your teacher's schedule and other parents' conferences by arriving on time for your appointment.  Conferences are scheduled for 15 minutes and are limited to one per student.  

Student Count Day
We would like to remind you that Thursday, September 22, is student count day.  On this day student attendance is used to determine building funds. Please be sure your children are in attendance unless they are ill.

Upcoming Events
* September 19 -  PTO Community Night
* September 22 - Student Count Day
* September 27 - Parent Teacher Conference
* October 5 - Parent Teacher Conferences
* October 6 - Digger Dash! 
* October 7-14 - No School: Fall Break

Electronic Thursday Folder
After School Art Enrichment
The registration window for the fall session of after school art enrichment opens on September 26. Classes begin Thursday, October 20. Class will meet Thursdays after school. Space is limited so sign up early!  This first session topic will be will be creating sculptures with paper mache! 
            -Click here for more information on Ms. Dazzio's blog. 
            -Click here to sign up through RevTrak.
Chess Club has been rescheduled to October- don’t miss out! Sign up now!
            -Chess Club Flyer
Fundraising Night at Texas Road House
            -Texas Roadhouse Flyer
Field Trip Information
            -If your class has an upcoming field trip, please click on our Field Trip Link to sign up!