Friday, February 3, 2017

Teaching Math Effectively
Stanford Professor and math expert, Jo Boaler, shares methods for teaching math facts that are supported by research.  Boaler affirms that students need to be fluent with their math facts, but she states that timing students creates anxiety that prevents students from demonstrating what they know.  She also claims that timed tests send the incorrect message that math is about speed, rather than problem solving and deep thinking.  Boaler suggests teachers and parents practice facts untimed.  She also suggests pairing visual representations with equations so students build a conceptual understanding.  Click here for 6 ways your can support your child in math.

Kindergartners Use Legos to Create Simple Machines 
Our youngest students are using Legos to explore the concepts of force and motion.  They created simple machines that they pushed and pulled.  Through building and exploring, students were able to understand these concepts at a deeper level. 

Design Thinking Challenge
Fifth grade students are using the process of design thinking to create and problem solve.  Design thinking is a protocol that gives students a process for tackling new challenges.  In library, students are using these steps to recreate a music video to help students Go for the GOLD.  In this process, students empathize, or understand how their problem affects others.  They then define all of the elements of the issue, ideate or brainstorm.  They finally create a sample or prototype that they test out with a real audience.  

Students Lead Coding Club
Fifth graders, Jackson Cohrs and Morgan Underwood, are leading a coding club for their peers.  Morgan is teaching her classmates how to create websites using html.  Jackson is highlighting how to use java script to program.  We are impressed with these students’ expertise and leadership!

Wish Week!
Gold Rush raised $1,493 for Legend High School's Wish Week!  We are so excited to have raised money for such a well deserving child!

Upcoming Events
* February 17: No School - Teacher Professional Development Day
* February 20: No School - Holiday

Electronic Thursday Folders

Sock Hop- Don’t Miss This Family Event Tomorrow Night!

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2017 Douglas County Cotillion- In a world where kindness, courtesy and respect are often overlooked, JDW Cotillions is recognized as an authority in educating young people in the art of social dance and social skills training.
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Chicken Shack Dinner to Benefit The Barnhart Family
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Legend High School 5th Annual Mattress Sale Fundraiser
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Under The Lights Flag Football
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First and Second Grade Families- A Letter from Your Special’s Teachers
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Upcoming Community Events
            -Saturday, March 3 @ 7 p.m.: Denver Nuggets Community Night vs. Calgary Roughnecks. Tickets are $15/$23. Event flyer and ticket ordering info will be available soon on our website. 
            -Denver Center for the Performing Arts presents, The Secret Garden. For discounts on all performances between April 21 – May 7Click here and enter promo code DCSDFUND.  Promo code is good for price levels A, B, & C.
            -Friday, June 2, Saturday, June 3 OR Sunday, June 4 the DCSD community can enjoy a fun-filled day of rides and attractions at Elitch Gardens for only $27.99 (reg. $49.99).  *Purchase your ticket before 5/31 and receive a free return ticket to the park valid mid-August through mid-October!* Ticket ordering info will be available soon on our website.

Opt In to Receive Text Messages
Be sure your info is current by logging on to Parent Portal and updating your contact preferences. Make sure Text (SMS) is checked for any phone number/message type that you want to receive texts for. Opt in your phone number with School Messenger. Text ‘Y’ to 68453

Field Trip Information
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