Friday, May 5, 2017

Celebrating Our Staff
This week we had the opportunity to celebrate our amazing staff!  Teachers were showered with cards, flowers, caffeine, sweets and kind words.  We thank the PTO for organizing events throughout the week.  We also recognized our Gold Rush Apple Award recipients - Registrar, Anita Rudman, and Technology Coach, Megan Fleet - who were celebrated at the District ceremony Thursday evening.  In addition, we recognized the following teachers who are retiring at the end of this school year:  Mrs. Rossi (Grade 1), Mrs. Woolums (Grade 2), Mrs. Hurley (Reading Specialist) and Mrs. Holtzer (Grade 4).  These exceptional educators will be greatly missed by our entire school community.

Gold Rush Elementary's Apple Award Representatives

Spotlight on Science
Students in all grade levels have been having fun exploring several different science concepts. Students have been following the process of inquiry in all grade levels.  Inquiry ensures that students learn through questioning, hands on discovery and testing rather than traditional lectures.  There are several examples of this throughout the building.  Kindergartners, for example, put Newtons' Laws of Motion to the test Friday during their egg drop.  They created containers to protect their egg that were then dropped from the roof of the school.  Students graphed how many whole eggs remained and analyzed which contraptions were successful and why.  First and third graders are focused on life science.  First graders are observing live meal worms and caterpillars as they learn about insects. Third graders are comparing the life cycles of growing plants and live chickens and tadpoles. Students are excited to observe real world life cycles and test out theories and their own ideas.

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Update on the NoroVirus 
We are continuing to clean the building before, during and after each school day to ensure that classrooms are sanitary.  We are also in daily communication with the District and following all procedures from Tri-County Health.  The District is monitoring staff and student attendance daily.  Our overall number of absences is relatively low and the numbers are decreasing significantly since last Friday. 

We ask that you continue to support students' health and well being by keeping your child home for 48 hours from the final symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea and 24 hours from the child's last fever.  If we are aware that a student is returning to school prior to these identified time periods we will send them home again.  It is essential that we adhere to these guidelines.  As always, please continue to remind your child to wash his/her hands.  It is also a good practice to continue to wash your child's lunch box and water bottle in hot soapy water. 

Upcoming Events
* May 8: Junior Achievement - Grade 5 
* May 9: PTO Meeting @ 8:45 AM
* May 12: Spring Concert @ 7:00 PM
* May 17: Math Olympiad Celebration @ 7:45 AM
* May 18: SAC Mtg @ 4:30-5:30 PM / Kindergarten Orientation @ 6:30-7:30 PM
* May 22 & May 23: Outdoor Education - Grade 5
* May 24: Sale Day - Grade 3
* May 26 & May 27: Beauty and the Beast
* May 30: Kindergarten Field Day / Used Book Sale
* May 31: Field Day - Grades 1-5 / Used Book Sale
* June 2: Last Day of School / Kindergarten Graduation