Friday, May 26, 2017

End of Year Celebrations

Students are celebrating their own growth this week. Students in several classes performed readers' theater plays to showcase their fluency, or ability to read accurately and with expression. Several other students shared their writing with their families. We have enjoyed seeing students' growth and look forward to similar celebrations next week.

Outdoor Education

Fifth grade students enjoyed bonding over ropes courses, zip lining and games during outdoor ed.

Spring Elementary Progress Report (EPR) Released June 5 @ Midnight

Teachers are celebrating students’ growth as they complete students' spring Elementary School Progress Reports (EPRs). EPRs will be released to parents on Monday, June 5th, at midnight through Parent Portal. You will be able to access your child's EPR on this date by following the directions below.

· Go to the Gold Rush Website -

· Then to Parent Resources

· Then to EPR. Use your Parent Portal credentials to log in.

· Then click "View Elementary Progress Report" under your child's picture

As you recall, the progress report card includes the four elements of the Douglas County School District’s guaranteed and viable curriculum. In addition to reporting out on how well your child is progressing in each content area (reading, writing, math, social studies and science), you will receive information regarding how well he/she is progressing on the 4cs (communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking) and select 21st century skills (resiliency, problem solving, civic responsibility, health and wellness, global awareness and systems thinking). 

Gold Rush teachers are also using the District's grading scale shown below to describe students' growth.


Indicates a high level of achievement; it communicates that a student has a strong understanding of content/concepts/skills taught during the semester and can demonstrate understanding independently and with very few errors.


Indicates that a student demonstrates understanding of content/concepts/skills most of the time and with limited support. Student makes few major errors or omissions when demonstrating concepts/skill.


Indicates that a students requires moderate support to demonstrate understanding of concepts/skills. Demonstrated understanding of concepts/skills is inconsistent or infrequent indicating a partial understanding of the content/concepts/skills. Errors or omissions in work are more frequent.

"Does Not Meet"

Indicates that a student seldom demonstrates understanding of concepts and skills taught during the semester. Student requires considerable support to demonstrate learning of concepts and skills and makes frequent major errors when demonstrating understanding.

You are able to view your child’s information in two ways. The highlights page includes a snapshot of how your child performed on content standards (reading, writing and math) and how your child met our school expectations of Going for the G.O.L.D. It also includes general classroom comments and individual student comments. The comprehensive view allows you to see how your child did on all four elements of the District’s guaranteed and viable curriculum, all subject areas and specials. You are also able to view any additional comments for the specific content areas under the comprehensive view. You are able to access both views by clicking on the links at the top of the screen. 

Field Day Events & Schedule
We are all excited for field day next week!  Fifth grade students used the problem solving process, known as design thinking, to create this year's games and activities.  After defining the purpose of field day, students ideated, or brainstormed, numerous possibilities.  They then tested out their activities and directions with kindergartners.  We hope you will join us for this honored tradition.  Please see the schedule below for dates and times. 

Tuesday, May 30 @ 8:45-10:35 AM- All Kindergarten Classes

Wednesday, May 31- 5th Grade, 4th Grades, Castro, Russel & Shepperd @ 8:45-11:30 AM

1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Meredith, Moore & Meier @ 12:45-3:00PM

GRE Yearbooks Will Be Distributed on Thursday, June 1
Students will receive their yearbooks on June 1.  Please check your Revtrak account to see if you pre-ordered one.  There will be a limited number of additional books available for $20 on FridayJune 2, at 8:00 AM.  These yearbooks will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  Parents MUST be at school to purchase one per family.  Checks should be made out to GRE.

Upcoming Events
* May 26: Beauty and the Beast
* May 27:  Beauty and the Beast
*May 29: NO SCHOOL- Memorial Day
* May 30: Kindergarten Field Day / Used Book Sale
* May 31: Field Day - Grades 1-5 / Used Book Sale
* June 1: 2nd Grade Field Trip - Woolums & Graham / Special SAC Mtg @ 4:30-5:30 
* June 2: Last Day of School / Kindergarten Graduation / 5th Grade Slideshow