Friday, August 31, 2012

Highlight of the Week

Teachers define reading beliefs
This week teachers across grades K through 5 defined our beliefs about reading.  Our work, which occurred at our weekly staff development meeting and continued during our faculty meeting, targeted what we believe is at the heart of reading.  Our beliefs are the following:

·      All students can read and think deeply.
·      Strategy instruction should be explicitly modeled and practiced and an authentic way.
·      Choice in text gives students ownership and creates engagement.
·      Reading is about making meaning and thinking deeply.
·      Kids need to see themselves as readers who are building and thinking strategies for life.
·      Varying texts to individual students allows all students to develop as readers.
·      Students need time to practice and reflect on their thinking.
·      Reading need to integrate strategies and use them across content areas.

Teachers also had the opportunity to share what it looks like to implement these beliefs in all classrooms.  As a staff we look forward to continuing our conversations about best reading practices throughout the year.

Anti - Bullying Program
This week in your Thursday folder you received a letter detailing our school wide anti bullying plan.  You also received an article that outlined terminology and strategies used at school that can also be used at home.  The school’s bullying task force will continue to keep you updated on work towards promoting a bullying free school each month.

Upcoming Events

Digger Dash
We are looking forward to kicking off one of Gold Rush’s most honored traditions next week– the Digger Dash!  On Friday, September 7th, students will attend an assembly to get them excited for this annual running event, which will be held on September 27th.  Students will also receive their pledge folders that day which will allow them to raise money for each lap they run.  We hope you too get in the spirit of the dash with them!

Picture Retake Day
Picture retakes are scheduled for Friday, September 14. You should have gotten information regarding ordering online yesterday in Thursday folders. Click here for the Lifetouch link.  You will receive an order form that allows you to pay with a check next Thursday.

Friendly Reminders
·         All medications, prescription and over the counter, must be checked in at the office.  Appropriate paperwork must accompany each medication (i.e. a medical release form and physician’s orders). If you have any questions, please contact or 303 387-7709.

Student Opportunities
·         Click here for information on Spanish Enrichment classes at Gold Rush.