Friday, November 9, 2012

Highlights of the Week
Book Fair
Students were excited to welcome Clifford on Thursday morning!  Clifford was at Gold Rush to help kick off our book fair.  The children’s excitement continued as they visited the book fair throughout the remainder of the week.  We thank the PTO for making the book fair possible!  We also hope to see you on Monday for Clifford’s birthday from 4:30-7:00PM.  The book fair will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30-7:00PM as well.  Students who bring in a receipt from the fair next week will also receive a doughnut from our Dad’s Club.

Teacher Learning on Tuesday
While the students were off on Election Day, the teachers were busy collaborating on best literacy practices.  We were fortunate to listen to reading expert Stephanie Harvey speak about how we can help create strategic readers, or readers who use a variety of strategies automatically and deliberately to understand text.  We are excited to have Stephanie return in February for another professional development day!  

Thanksgiving Family Feast
We are excited to honor the Thanksgiving holiday next Wednesday with our own Gold Rush family feast during students’ lunch times.  Parents are invited to join their children for this Thanksgiving lunch. 
Times indicate when each class will enter the cafeteria.
2nd Grade
11:05   Schulte, Steckler & Murray-Close
11:15    Hoff & Woolums

1st Grade
11:30   Billings, McMillan & Aldridge
11:40    Martino & Rossi

5th Grade
12:05   Conrad & Dalcerri
12:15   Fleet & Jones

11:55 Graham & Enrichment/B.A.S.E.

3rd Grade
12:30   Brownley,& Hayes
12:40 Nelson & Castro

4th Grade
12:55   Holtzer, Hawk, Menk & Kramer
Visitors who plan to eat with their child(ren) must sign in and purchase a ticket in the lobby.  The price for a ticket is $3.75 for adults and additional siblings. Students will use their lunch accounts as usual (student lunch $2.75). Visiting parents will meet their children at the entrance to the cafeteria.  We hope to see you for the feast next week!  Please also see the volunteer sign up in the vestibule or call Mrs. Rudman at 303-387-7709 if you would like to help out that day.

Math Olympiad
We're thrilled to have more than 60 students participating in Math Olympiad this year!  After a couple weeks of practice, our students will partake in their first of five tests on November 14.  If your child is participating please make sure that he/she arrives on time as they will begin right at 8:15AM.  Students will celebrate with hot chocolate or cider.

Annual Food Drive
The Gold Rush Dad’s Club is holding its annual Food Drive from November 12 – November 20th.   All donations will go to Parker Task Force.  Please help us support this wonderful cause!

Denver Nuggets Tickets
Click here to order community night tickets with the Denver Nuggets on January 26th at 7:00PM at the Pepsi Center.  $3.00 of each ticket goes to Gold Rush!