Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Week of School
We had a wonderful first week of school!  The teachers were excited to learn about your child and your family during our goal setting conferences.  We were all equally excited to start on Wednesday.  I was impressed with how quickly the children settled into classroom and school routines.  Below are pictures from our first days together.

Go For The G.O.L.D. Assembly
We ended our week with grade level assemblies, which focused on what it looks like to Go For The Gold throughout the school.  Our primary age students spied Digger modeling great behavior and listened to one of my favorite stories, The Recess Queen.  Our older students played a Gold For the Gold Game Show and listened to a story about how to stand up for others.  All of the students sang and danced.  It was a great way to end the week.

Smaller Class Sizes
We were excited to start this school year with smaller classes across all grade levels.  This year we welcomed several new teachers to Gold Rush so that the number of students per class remained in the low to mid twenties.  We know that smaller class will allow us to personalize learning even more this year!

Parent Math Sessions – Mark Your Calendar!
We are hosting grade level math sessions for parents in September.  We will provide parents with an overview of what your child will learn in math this year.  We will also teach you the strategies that your child will learn in class so that you can help your child with his/her homework.   All math sessions will be held from 4:30-5:30 in the Gold Mine Room on the following days:

Thursday, September 5 = K & First Grade
Tuesday, September 10 = Fourth Grade
Thursday, September 12 = Second Grade
Tuesday, September 17 = Third Grade
Tuesday, September 24 = Fifth Grade

Movement & Collaboration Special
We are offering a new special this school year.  In addition to physical education, art music, technology and library, students will participate in a movement and collaboration special once a week.  This special provides students with additional opportunities to be active during the school day.  Students are presented with team activities that allow them to collaborate, problem-solve and be creative.  We look forward to highlighting more of this special this year!

Arrival and Dismissal Reminders
We thank you for keeping arrival and dismissal safe for all students by remembering the following:
·      Remain in your car at all times
·      Pull all the way forward.
·      Only cross at a cross walk.
·      Remind your child to get in line before school as soon as he/she arrives.

PTO Pointers!
·      Western Night will be held Friday, August 23, in GRE’s outdoor field.
·      Sign up for your Target Red card this Friday. Proceeds go to Gold Rush!
·      Click here for more PTO information.

Student Activities
· Click here for information on Legend boys basketball tryouts.