Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Thank you for a great year!  

Have a Wonderful Summer!

One of the most important things that you can do with your child this summer is read.  Reading over the summer matters!  As you can see below, 20 minutes a day impacts students' academic achievement.

Teachers are celebrating students’ growth as they complete spring Elementary School Progress Reports (EPRs).  EPRs will be released to parents on Wednesday, May 30th, through Parent Portal. You will be able to access your child's EPR on this date by following the directions below.

· Click on the Parent Resources Tab

· Select Elementary Progress Report and use your credentials to log in.

· Click "View Elementary Progress Report" under your child's picture

As you may recall, you are able to view your child’s information in two ways. The highlights page includes a snapshot of how your child performed on content standards (reading, writing and math) and how your child met our school expectations of Going for the G.O.L.D.  Also included in the highlights page are general classroom comments and individual student comments.  The comprehensive view allows you to see how your child did on all subject areas and specials.  You are able to view any additional comments for the specific content areas under the comprehensive view.  You are able to access both formats by clicking on the links at the top of the EPR.

Check out pictures featuring end of the year celebrations.

Fifth Grade Outdoor Education
Field Day - Intermediate Students

Field Day - Primary Students

Next year all students in grades K-5 will start a full day of school on Thursday, August 9.   We will begin the day as a school community with an opening flag ceremony.  The flag ceremony will begin at 8:30 AM on the front black top.  Students should plan on meeting their classroom teacher on the blacktop prior to 8:30 AM.  

We continue to believe that it is essential for students meet their teacher and visit their classroom prior to the first day of school.  Families are asked to sign up for a 30 minute time slot on Monday, August 6, to visit their child's classroom.  Please see the available times below.  You may bring your child’s school supplies with you.  School supplies purchased through the PTO will be delivered to your child’s classroom (See flyer for new school supply kits below).

Meet Your Teacher Times Monday, August 6th


During Meet Your Teacher, parents will have an opportunity to show their child how to walk to his/her new classroom.  Students will meet their teacher in their line on the blacktop the first day of school for the opening ceremony.  Classroom teachers will review how students will walk to their classroom on their first day.  

On Friday, August 10, we will resume our rolling start and students will enter the school on their own between 8:20 AM and 8:30 AM.  Staff members will escort students who need additional assistance to their classrooms.  To ensure all students’ safety, we ask that parents

* Not drop off their child before 8:20 AM
* Say good-bye to their children outside of the building

Supervision, including cross walk supervision, will not be provided prior to 8:20 AM so it is essential that students not arrive prior to that time.

In an attempt to gain more targeted information regarding your child’s academic strengths and needs, Gold Rush will continue to hold an assessment day on Tuesday, August 28.   Each child will come to school for one hour on August 28 to complete classroom assessments.  Having students complete assessments with their teacher after they have been in school for a few days allows students to adjust to classroom practices and procedures.  The assessments administered will allow educators to alter their instruction to meet your child’s individual strengths and needs.

Parents will be able to sign up for a time during the assessment day using the online conference scheduler starting in mid July.   You will receive a link to the scheduler via email with your express check in information.  Because we value the information we obtain on these days it is imperative that all children complete the assessments on August 28.   At the end of your child’s assessment hour you will meet your child in the gym where school photos will be taken.

Monday, August 6: Meet Your Teacher
Parents show their child how to walk to his/her new classroom.
Thursday, August 9: First Day of School
Students meet their teachers on the front blacktop for an opening flag ceremony by 8:30 AM.
Teachers show their students how to walk to their classroom.
Friday, August 10: Second Day of School
Students walk to their classrooms between 8:20AM - 8:30AM.
Parents say good-bye outside of the building.
Tuesday, August 28: Assessment Hour
Students take classroom assessments for one hour.
Students take their picture at the end of their assessment hour.

Bell Schedule
8:20 AM First Bell
Students can enter the building.
Cross walk supervision begins.
Students should not arrive to school prior to this bell.

8:30 AM Start of the School Day
8:35 Tardy Bell

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Summer Office Hours 2017
June 4- July 5   School Office Closed
July 5- Aug 2   Office Hours = 9:00AM- 12:00PM (Mon & Wed Only)
Aug 3- Aug 9   Office Hours = 8:30AM-11:30AM  & 12:30 PM-3:30PM (Mon - Thurs)
Aug 10             School is in Session- Regular Office Hours 8:00AM- 4:00PM