Thursday, October 25, 2018

We had a wonderful time at the Legend Feeder Spooktacular Trunk or Treat Thursday!  Our students enjoyed the creative cards, treats and the festive classrooms and halloween activities.  This is an incredible event that we look forward to participating in the coming years.  We thank those that decorated their cars and donated candy.  See pictures from the event below.

Halloween is right around the corner! Breakfast parties will be held on Wednesday, October 31, from 8:40-9:30 AM.  It is recommended that party treats be balanced with both nutritious options and sweets.  We know that many parent attend our parties.  We are encouraging all families to bring an item for the Parker Task Force when you are in.  A list of needed items are shown below.  All donations can be placed in collection bins in the main vestibule.

Our school parade will follow at 9:30-9:45 AM.  The parade route is included below.  Students who do not wish to participate in Halloween activities can rejoin the class at 9:45 AM.  We will resume with a normal school day schedule at that time.

We encourage students to be creative with their costumes, but safety remains our number one priority.  Please adhere to the following guidelines when selecting a costume:

* Students should come dressed in their costume and bring a change of clothing.

* Costumes cannot be demeaning, offensive or promiscuous.

* Face paint, face masks and weapons are not permitted.

Parker Task Force

Students in grades K-5 are putting the scientific method to the test in the STEAM lab.  They are contemplating different inquiry questions and using the scientific method to find possible solutions and improvements.  Students in all grade levels are creating a hypothesis, conducting a scientific experiment and recording their results.  First through third graders are using the Lego Simple Machines to answer inquiry questions tied to this content area.  Fourth and fifth graders graders are using the Lego WeDo’s to design their own experiments and determine how different variables affect their results.  For example, students answered the question - What makes objects move? - by creating and programing. 

Primary Scientists

Intermediate Scientists

Reflection is a central part of students work in all content areas at Gold Rush because it allows for growth and student ownership.  In art, reflecting is the Studio Habit of Mind that students are studying in their current project.  Studio Habits of Mind are dispositions that artists use to articulate their learning.  These Habits are also a framework that allows them to better understand the world around them.  Reflection is one of eight Studio Habits.  Also included are developing a craft, engaging and persisting, envisioning, expressing, observing, stretching and exploring and understanding community.

Students are using reflection to answer the following question:  How do we know we are done as an artist?  As students reflect on the where they are at in terms of completing their piece they are reflecting on all aspects of their piece,  asking others for feedback and comparing their work with others.  We are proud of students creativity and thoughtfulness.

We were fortunate to have our Superintendent, Dr. Tucker, visit Gold Rush!  Here are his top four celebrations:

Students and staff...
1) Demonstrate a strong sense of community!
2) Are highly collaborative!
3) Demonstrate confidence and a willingness to take risks!
4) Are focused and engaged in learning at all times!

It's hard to believe, but we will be starting the planning process for next school year soon.  In order to assist us in this planning, complete the enrollment confirmation survey for your child(ren) by Friday, November 16th.  Please click here for the enrollment survey.  This will help ensure your child's classroom placement for the next year.

First Round Open Enrollment will open on November 1st.  Schools will extend offers of open enrollment based on available space by December 7th.  Parent can see offers in the EngagED Parent Portal after December 10th and they have until December 17th at 4:00PM to log back in and accept. In the event you did not receive an offer during First Round, you will remain on a wait list for Second Round of Open Enrollment, which opens on January 22nd at 8:00AM.  Click here for additional information.

Click here to sign your child up for a new service learning club - Interact!

The 2018 Colorado General Election is quickly approaching. Did you know that Colorado’s elections are mail-in only? Are you registered to vote? Is your address up-to-date? Do you know where to drop off your ballot?

Below is an “Election-Ready Checklist” provided by Douglas County. You can get additional information at

On August 21, the Douglas County School District Board of Education voted to place a $40 million Mill Levy Override (MLO) and $250 million no-new-taxes Bond on the 2018 ballot. Unlike our neighboring school districts, Douglas County School District has not passed a MLO or Bond since 2006.

If passed by voters, these new funds would be used at our school to:

  • Increase teacher and staff pay
  • Add counselors for our students
  • Enhance safety and security systems

Douglas County School District would also evaluate our building for additional needed repairs that would make our learning environments as safe and productive as possible for our students.

New MLO/Bond funding would also be used to upgrade information technology (such as classroom computers) and transportation (such as aging buses), and offer more student programming opportunities, including additional career and technical education options.

The average Douglas County homeowner, with a home valued at $470,000, will pay an additional $17.33 per month ($208 per year) if both measures are approved. If neither are approved, the average homeowner would see their school property tax bill decrease by approximately $67 in 2019.

You can read more about Douglas County School District’s funding challenges at

Thank you for continuing to be an engaged and informed member of our school community!

Election-Ready Checklist (provided by Douglas County Government).

Colorado 2018 General Election -- Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Did you know that Colorado Elections are administered by mail only? Instead of casting your vote on equipment at a polling place, you will receive your ballot in the mail and vote your ballot at your convenience. You may choose to deliver your voted ballot by mail or save on postage and use one of nine convenient 24-hour ballot drop-off locations throughout Douglas County — long before Election Day.
Are you registered to vote in Douglas County?  Knowing the answer is as simple as visiting  Here you may register to vote, check voter registration status, update your mailing address or affiliate with a party. You will also find important dates and deadlines pertaining to the November 6 General Election.
Is your voter registration mailing address accurate? If your mailing address has changed since you last voted in a Douglas County election, you will want to update your voter registration information with your current address.  Visit A current address will ensure that your ballot, as well as other important election information is sent to the proper address.
When will I receive my ballot? Ballots for the November 6 General Election will be in the mail beginning October 15 to all active registered voters in Douglas County. If you have not received your ballot by October 22, please contact the Douglas County elections staff at 303-660-7444 or visit a Douglas County Voter Service and Polling Center for assistance, beginning October 22.
Do you know all the ways you may return your voted ballot? After you receive and vote your ballot, visit for a listing of our nine 24-hour ballot drop-off locations. Vote your ballot right away. Don’t wait until November 6!
Know the ballot deadline. Your ballot must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day. A postmark of Nov. 6 is not valid as the received date. Your ballot must be placed in a designated ballot box by 7 p.m. on Election Day or you must be in line at a designated ballot drop-off location or a Voter Service and Polling Center no later than the close of polls (7 p.m.) on Election Day, Nov 6.
In need of assistance from elections staff? Contact them by phone at 303-660-7444 or visit the Douglas County Elections Office, 125 Stephanie Place, in Castle Rock, any weekday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., visit a Douglas County Voter Service and Polling Center for assistance, beginning October 22.

Click here for additional information regarding the funding needs of the District.


* October 29 - November 16 Food Drive for the Parker Task Force
* October 31 - Halloween Breakfast Parties @ 8:45-9:15 - Halloween Parade 9:30
* November 6 - No School - Teacher Professional Development Day
* November 7 - PTO Mtg @ 8:45 - 10:00
* November 12 - 16 Bookfair
* November 14 - Thanksgiving Feast & Celebrations of Learning (Information to Come)
* November 19-23 - Fall Break