Friday, August 17, 2012

Highlights of the Week

The students did a wonderful job during their first full week of school!  It was clearly evident that the children in all grades were settling into classroom and school routines.  The students were even charged with practicing safety routines this week with our first fire drill.

Teachers value these first few weeks of school because they are a wonderful opportunity to explicitly model expected behaviors throughout the school.  This social skills instruction is done in many different ways.  As stated in last week’s newsletter, new teachers modeled what it looked like to Go for the Gold during our opening assembly; or Give respect, Own our actions, Listen and learn and Do our best everyday! Teachers also engaged the children in conversations about what it looks like to demonstrate Going for the Gold in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, on the playground and in specials.   Children’s literature is another wonderful resource for discussing positive behaviors. 

Gold Rush staff uses a behavior matrix that collectively defines expected behaviors for each of the areas of the school.  Click here to see our school’s positive behavior matrix.  This is important so that all adults consistently reinforce the same positive behaviors.  Gold Rush students are also recognized and rewarded for demonstrative positive behavior by being presented with a golden ticket.  The names of students who receive golden tickets are placed in a drawing.  The most coveted prize you wonder….a weekly pass to use our school elevator! See our golden ticket winners for this week below. 

Coffee Chat

I enjoyed meeting with parents this week for our first coffee chat of the year.  It was wonderful to share our many celebrations from the start of the year with the families that were able to attend.  I was also able to share my values, which include educating the whole child, or fostering their social, emotional and physical development in addition to their academic growth.  I also shared my style of visiting students in their classrooms as much as I can.  I reassured parents that I will call if I were to talk with children for any reasons other than discuss their learning or interests.  The coffee chat was also a great opportunity for me to hear what parents valued most about the school.  I proudly report that the unanimous response was our dedicated, compassionate and talented staff! 

Several topics were raised that I hope to continue to talk about further in monthly coffee chats.  One of the issues raised that I wanted to draw your attention to was the safety of the cross walk on Chambers Road.  I have contacted the town of Parker to see if they can increase the safety of the road for our students.  Please note that that traffic is traveling at a high speed on this road.  It is highly recommended that you accompany your child across that street to ensure their safety.

Weather Impact on Dismissal Procedures
Being new to the state I have quickly learned that the weather can change instantly in Colorado and it typically does around dismissal time.  In the event of unsafe weather conditions during dismissal (lightning, torrential rains or the threat of a tornado) I may decide to delay dismissal at the end of the day until it is safe.  A red flag will be raised on the flagpole to designate that we are holding the students indoors due to unsafe conditions. In the event that a red flag is raised all parents must come into the building and sign their child out of school if they wish to do so before the all clear announcement has been made.

Friendly Safety Reminders
·         In accordance with Douglas County School District Policy dogs are not allowed on school grounds.

·        Students should walk their bikes and scooters on school grounds.

·        Supervision is only provided at 8:55am-4:10pm.

Student Activities/ Events

Thursday Folders
·         Please check your child’s Thursday folders each week for additional school information. School-wide information will be sent home only with students who are the youngest in their family or an only child.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you did not receive one.

Gold Rush Running Club
·         Starts August 27th Click here for more information.

Calling all Dads and Kids for Bowling
·         Our Dad’s club is hosting a Bowling event Saturday, August 25, from 1-4pm $17.95 for shoes and fun! RSVP to Keith Lundquist by August 22
Gold Rush Web Store
·          Click here to order a yearbook, student directory or magazine

4th & 5th Grade Band & Orchestra
·         Students from the high school will visit our fourth and fifth graders on Monday to share more about feeder opportunities. Additional information will be sent home on how to enroll next week.

Fifth Grade Girls Basketball
·         Cimarron Middle School - Mondays @ 6:00-7:40 starting August 13th 5th grade students - cost $100

Calling For Seconds!
We have a program your children may know as “Seconds”….If your child wants an additional entrée he/she may pay an additional $1.50 for a second entrée serving and $.50 for milk. We understand that not all families want their child to have this option. Click here to access a form that will prevent your child from receiving seconds.

·      Help kick off the year at the first PTO meeting on Tuesday, August 21st, from 6:30-8:00pm in Gold Rush’s Gold Mine Room.