Friday, August 10, 2012

First week of School Highlights

We had a wonderful first week with students.! They enjoyed getting to know their new teachers at Goal Setting Conferences on Monday and Tuesday.  The children also liked meeting their new classmates and learning routines for the classroom and the school.

We ended a great week with an all school assembly on Friday.  The assembly was an opportunity for us to introduce our new staff and model what it looks like to go for the GOLD throughout the school, or Give Respect, Own Your Actions, Listen and Learn and Do your best everyday!  Students also had an opportunity to share with our newest members of our school what they love most about Gold Rush and their hopes and dreams for the year.

I also had the opportunity to read one of my favorite stories, How Full Is Your Bucket, to many classes.  The story speaks about how our actions either fill others' buckets, or make others feel good, or empty others’ buckets and make them feel sad.  I look forward to sharing this story with the remainder of our students next week.

Thank you!

Thank you Gold Rush Cub Scouts for keeping our school clean!  On Thursday evening the Cub Scouts picked up trash, swept rocks and moved wood chips.  We thank our Cub Scouts for their hard work!

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders

Please remember to follow our school drop off and pick up procedures each day.  Please pull all the way to the front of the drop off loop prior to dropping off or picking up your child.  Click here for additional information. We ask that you follow these procedures so that we can ensure that all students arrive and dismiss in a safe manner.  As always your cooperation is appreciated!

Lunch Links

·      Click here for information about paying for student lunches.
·      Click here for information regarding how to apply for lunch.
    Click here for information on how to prevent your child from getting second lunches.

Upcoming Events

  • Principal Informal Coffee with Parents
    • Wednesday, August 15th, from 9:15-10:15AM or 6:30-7:30PM @ Gold Mine Room
  • Dad’s club bowling event on Saturday, August 25. More information to come.

Meet Our Office Staff

The GRE Office Staff, Mrs. Janis Liccardello, Administrative Assistant, Penny Jackman, Registra, and  Susan Gruenthal, Health Assistant/Office Clerk are happy to work with you and your children everyday!  Their main focus is managing the safety and wellbeing of your children.  A typical day in the office will find the office staff interacting with children, monitoring their attendance and tending to health issues that range from tummy aches to diabetic needs.  They are here to give out TLC and offer words of encouragement. In return, the office staff are rewarded with smiles and often funny stories and exchanges.  Read about the ways the office staff ensures children’s safety each day.

GRE Attendance Line- 303 387-7702- The office staff asks that you call this number to report absences 24 hours a day. They check messages in the morning and they will call you if your child is absent and we didn’t receive a call from you.

Visitor Monitoring- Our main office opens at 8:30AM. The school’s main doors are closed at that time.  All visitors need to come through the office, sign in and wear a visitor’s tag. The office staff monitors everyone coming in and checks individuals’ identification.

Health Room Visits- The office administers general first aid and gives Tylenol if your child has permission on file. They always check with parents within the first 4 hours of school to be sure he/she hasn’t had a dose within that timeframe.

Dismissal- The office staff are in the office on walkie talkies at the end of the day making sure each child is where he/she needs to be.  They ask that you please remind your child to follow your pick up procedures and ask a staff member wearing an orange vest outside or the office staff inside if they have any questions about what they are supposed to do.

The office staff thanks you for understanding that the beginning and end of the day are busy.  They ask that you call in special instructions before 3:40PM (the earlier the better) and wait to pick up your children for appointments before 3:50PM each day.  As always, your cooperation is appreciated!

Thank you for helping the office staff in ensuring the safety and care of our children. Please let them know if you have any questions or concerns.