Friday, October 26, 2012

Highlights of the Week
We really enjoyed welcoming the students back from fall break!  It was wonderful to listen to their excitement as they shared how they spent the time with their friends and your families.  The first snow of the year was also a highlight of the week!  While the weather unfortunately prevented the PTO Fall Festival from occurring, it still was thrilling for students.  Please remind your child to dress warmly for the changing weather.  Students are required to have boots to play in the snow during recess.  Being new to Colorado, I am learning that it is not too early for warm jackets, coats and gloves.

Student Safety
Reporting Student Absences
As always, the well being of our students is of utmost importance.  We want to make sure that our students are always accounted for, whether they are at school or at home.  Here are a few reminders that will help us keep track of all students:

·         If your child is going to be absent, please call the attendance line at 303-387-7702 as soon as you know and leave a message with your child’s name, reason for absence and expected return.  

·         If we haven't received a phone call about your child's absence in the morning, our auto dialer will begin making calls at 9:40 AM.  This is our way of double-checking that your student is at home.

·         If you need to update your Parent Portal Account, please contact our Registrar, Penny Jackman at or at 303-387-7700. On your Parent Portal account you can also check your notification options and update where you want school messages to go including your home phone or cell phone. 

I urge us to work as a team to ensure our children are safe and accounted for each day.  It is imperative that you let us know when your child is going to be absent.   We truly appreciate your help in this matter as we care deeply for all of our students and want to ensure that they are safe at all times.

Talking Points
We wanted to provide you with the following talking points to share with your child:
Strangers are anyone that you do not know, even if you have seen a person before or
   recognize them from school or community.
Strangers come in all age groups, male and female.
Strangers may or may not be dressed nicely.
Strangers may be walking, driving a car, riding a bike or playing on the playground.
Strangers look for ways to call you by name so that you are more comfortable with them
Strangers may ask for help (directions, use the telephone, car trouble).
Strangers may offer you something to come close (candy, a puppy).

If you are approached by a stranger:
Run toward an occupied house of someone you know or a familiar building (i.e. school)
Yell as loudly as you can.
Remember details about the person (i.e. car, license plate, bike, looks etc.)

General safety rules to remember:
Always come to the playground with an adult, even if you are with a friend
• Always walk home with someone such as a friend or family member.
Always stay close to home when playing.
Make sure your mom or dad knows where you are and who you are playing with.
Remember rules are to protect you.
If you notice a stranger in your neighborhood or near school tell an adult.
Click here for information from the police department for keeping your students safe.

Halloween Reminders
Halloween “breakfast parties” are scheduled for the first 45 minutes of the school day      (9:15- 10:00AM) on Wednesday, October 31, 2012.  It is recommended that party treats be balanced and nutritious with limited “sweets.  For those not wishing to participate in class Halloween parties, parents have the option to opt out.  Students who are not at school will be marked as an excused absence.  Students will be back to learning by 10:30AM and those students opting out should arrive at that time. 

Specific guidelines for Halloween costuming include the following:

1.Students may come dressed in a costume, but they must change into school clothes after the
   party has ended.
2.Costumes may not be demeaning or offensive
3.The following are not allowed:
            • Face make-up
            • Depiction of blood or guts
            • Racist or promiscuous dress
            • Weapons or facsimile of weapons (swords, guns, scythes)
            • Accessories / props such as balls, bats, ropes, etc.

If a costume is deemed inappropriate, the child may be asked to change into school clothes.  We will have a parade around the school from 10:00-10:15 AM.  Students will then return to class, change out of costumes and return to learning by 10:30AM.

PTO Celebrations
Digger Dash
Congratulations to all of our families and the PTO for reaching our fundraising goal of $33,000.  We thank all of the children who ran laps for a wonderful cause – our school!  We are looking forward to announcing our classroom prizes on Monday.  We are looking forward to using the money to expand our classroom libraries.  We will also use some of the funds to continue to provide free events for families.

Stay Tuned
The fall book fair is scheduled for November 8-14. Stay tunned for more information in coming weeks.

BASE: Weather Related Delayed Schedule
When there is a delayed start, BASE will open at 8:00am.   Drop in's are not accepted on delayed start days. You must be enrolled in the BASE Program for the 2012-13 school year in order to use the child care service. Please turn in enrollment documentation now if you think you will need the BASE Program on delayed start days.

Community Events
* DCSD Community Night with the Glendale Raptors rugby club on Saturday, October 27 * Tickets are $6 for adults ($2 donation back to your school) and $2 for kids ($2 back to your school). * Come dressed in your Halloween best for the costume contest and trick or treat street! * Please present the attached flier at the gate to make sure your school receives it donation!