Friday, March 8, 2013

Highlight of the Week
5th Grade Students Run for Mayor
As part of their social studies unit on civics and democracy, fifth graders at Gold Rush simulate running a town called Young Ameritown.  Students are responsible for operating a variety of businesses and working together as a collaborative community.  After the primary elections on Thursday, the remaining candidates delivered their speeches on why they should be elected as mayor or judge.  Students gave persuasive speeches that described their leadership styles and hopes for their town.  We are waiting on the voters to cast their ballot to see who was elected, but we are proud of all the children who spoke. Check out the pictures of students’ campaigning below.

Candidates for Mayor

Candidates for Town Judge

Students Work Hard On State Tests
Students in grades three through five worked really hard on the state assessment, known as the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (T.C.A.P.), this week.  We were proud of the stamina and effort that students’ demonstrated during each testing session.  Additional tests will be administered to students in the intermediate grades next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (March 12-14). If you have a child that will be taking the state test please ensure that he/she gets plenty of rest the night before and eats a nutritious breakfast.  We are certain that our students will do well on their remaining assessments.

Parent Teacher Conferences
It was wonderful to see many of you during parent teacher conferences this week!  We enjoyed the opportunity to share your child’s social, emotional and academic growth with you.  We also thank our PTO and parent volunteers for taking care of the teachers during conferences by providing them with an amazing dinner!

Gentle Reminders
·         Ensure that your child starts the day on time by being at school at or before 9:05.  The students’ day begins right at 9:10 so being in the classroom at 9:10 allows them to settle in and complete morning routines.
·        Refrain from sending flower or balloon arrangements to school.  Arrangements will not be delivered to classrooms as they disrupt student learning.
·        Pick up all items in the lost and found as remaining clothing will be donated during spring break.
·        Remember to order your student yearbook.

Mark Your Calendar
·      Daylight Savings – March 10
·      All School Sock Hop – April 19