Friday, May 17, 2013

Highlight of the Week
Kindergarten Orientation
We were excited to welcome our future Gold Rush students to school on Thursday evening for kindergarten orientation. We introduced our future students to key adults in the building, including the kindergarten teachers. They also had the opportunity to tour the building and explore their new classrooms. We look forward to officially welcoming our new class of kindergarteners in August.

Student Recognition
The Douglas County Federation of Teacher recognized fifth grader, Andrew Lapoint, as being an outstanding student. Andrew was celebrated for continually demonstrating what it looks like to Go For the G.O.L.D., or Give Respect, Own Your Actions, Listen and Learn and Do Your Best. We thank Andrew for being a humble leader who always listens to others and faces new challenges!

School Recognition

· The District recognized our cafeteria for their overall operations!

Benefits of Participating in Summer Reading Programs

The Graduate School of Library and Information Science and Dominican University found the following in a recent study:

· Students who participated in the public library summer reading program scored higher on reading achievement tests at the beginning of the next school year than those who did not participate.

· Students who participated in the public library summer reading program had better reading skills at the end of third grade and scored higher on standardized tests than those who did not participate.

· While students who reported that they did not participate in the public library summer reading program also improved reading scores, they did not reach the reading level the students who did participate.

Gold Rush was the lucky recipient of a grant from the Susie Royer Syke Literacy Fellowship, which was established to honor the memory of a phenomenal teacher and mentor, Susie Royer Syke. The grant provides scholarships to certified teachers who wish to access workshops, course work and learning opportunities to advance their understandings of best practices and their effectiveness as teachers. The funds awarded to Gold Rush were used to purchase professional books for book studies that would enhance literacy instruction. Teachers participated in studies with the books Choice Words, Assessment in Perspective: Focusing on the Reader Behind the Numbers, and Informal Assessment Strategies. We thank the Susie Royer Syke Literacy Fellowship for providing this great opportunity!

Mark Your Calendar

Field Day: Grades 1-5 - Friday, May 31st
· Grades 3 & 5 @ 9:15AM -12:15PM
· Grades 1 & 2 @ 1:00PM-3:30PM

Field Day: Kindergarten – Monday, June 3
· 9:30- 11:15AM

Feeder High School Graduations: 
Please note that Graduation will impact traffic and therefore drop off
· May 21, Ponderosa @ 8:00AM
· May 22, Legend @ 9:00AM
· May 23 Chaparral @ 9:00AM
· May 24 Thunder Ridge @ 9:00AM
· Click here for additional information