Friday, May 10, 2013

Highlights of the Week
Third Graders Study Economics
Third graders explored economic concepts this week when they created their own
currency, created products and sold them for a competitive price. The children
then determined which products made the most money and why. The children’s
creativity in creating products for their peers and their thinking was amazing!

Coins for Crazy Hair & a Cause
Students who brought in change on Friday were able to wear crazy hair and give
back. The proceeds of the spirit day went towards purchasing water wells India.
We thank our third graders for organizing this fun and charitable event.

Severe Weather Impacting Dismissal
Judging on the amount of rain that we had this week, Spring must be here. Please
know that we will not dismiss students from the building when we have severe
weather (i.e. torrential rains and/or lightening). Parents will be notified that we
are doing an alternative dismissal due to severe weather through an email and a
red flag on the flagpole. If you receive this notification, we ask that parents come
into the building and sign their child out from his/her classroom. We may also wait
to have children board the school bus until it is safe for them to leave the building.
We appreciate your patience during such a dismissal and please remember that the
children’s safety is always our primary concern.

We thank the PTO for honoring the teachers this week for teacher appreciation.
Everyone was thrilled with the food, chair massages and hand rubs that we
received. Thank you again for making us all feel special this week!

2013-2014 News
As you recall all schools in the Legend Feeder decided to move to the split fall break modified calendar next year. Click here for the 2013-2014 school calendar.

PTO Presidents
I am pleased to announce that Suzanne Tennyson and Michelle Goz will serve
as the PTO co-presidents for the next two years! Both Suzanne and Michelle have been
actively involved in the PTO this year and we are certain that they will continue the
traditions in the years to come. We also thank Courtney Townley for all of her hard
work as PTO president this year. She was instrumental in facilitating our honored
fundraisers and the spirit events.

Mark Your Calendar
* May 10th – Golden Ticket Theater Presents Aladdin - 6:30 @ Gold Rush Gym
* May 11th – Golden Ticket Theater Presents Aladdin - 1:00 & 6:30 @Gold Rush Gym

* May 14th – PTO Meeting - 6:30-8:00 @ Gold Mine Room
* May 16th - Kindergarten Orientation - 6:30- 7:30 @ Gold Rush Gym
* May 31st – Field Day Grades 1-5- volunteer sign up outside the office
* June 3rd – Field Day Kindergarten