Thursday, September 26, 2013

Highlight of the Week

Students Finish Fall Assessments
Our students finished their beginning of the year assessments this week.  This data will give teachers a sense of your child’s strengths and needs.   As you recall, students in kindergarten through fifth grade were assessed in reading and math this year using the Measures and Academic Progress, or MAP.  Students in second through fifth grade were also assessed in science and social students.  Grade level teams are looking forward to analyzing students’ initial data together next week.  We will use this data to plan instruction that addresses students’ individual needs.

Teacher Professional Development Day
On Friday, teachers will explore best reading and writing practices on our professional development day.  We will study the elements of narrative writing and collaboratively score students’ work.  Teachers will also have the opportunity to discuss reading strategies in more meaningful ways.  We will also explore how students can apply reading strategies using different types of text.  Teachers will be able to implement what they learn directly into the classroom. We look forward to a great day of learning together!

Parent Math Nights
We thank our parents for joining our fall math nights!  The goal for these sessions was to provide parents with an overview of the math strategies taught over the course of the year.  We also gave parents an opportunity to practice the strategies that students will use this year.

Mark Your Calendar

• September 27 – No School / Teacher Work Day * BASE is not in session