Friday, October 4, 2013

Highlight of the Week
Student Raise Money for a Good Cause
Fifth grade students, Brianna, Emma and Jazmine, organized a school spirit day to raise money for red pandas.  Our fifth graders got this idea after completing a technology project that focused on how students can give back.  Students and staff who wore their pajamas to school on Friday were asked to make a donation to support this cause.   Our school raised $912.12!  We thank the girls for their efforts!

Teachers Collaboratively Analyze Students’ Writing
One of our school goals for the year is to study and implement best writing practices across grades K-5.  Teachers have been engaging in conversations around grade level writing expectations and studying national writing expert, Lucy Calkin’s, most recent curricula.  Teachers are currently reviewing students’ narrative writing as a team.  Collaboratively reviewing students’ writing helped teams clarify student expectations and prompted conversations regarding our next steps for instruction.  We look forward to sharing our progress and students’ writing with you throughout the year!

·       The office does not open until 8:30AM.
·       Dogs are not allowed on school property during school hours.
·       Students cannot sell home made bracelets at school.

Mark Your Calendar
·       October 11 *  No School for Students - Teacher Work Day
·       October 14-20 * No School – Fall Break
·       November 7th & November 12th – Fall Conferences for Students

Community Events

·       Click here for information regarding an upcoming Avs game!