Friday, May 23, 2014

Procedure for Delayed Dismissal Due to Weather

We appreciate your patience when we delayed dismissal due to weather.  Yesterday was particularly difficult as lightening was sighted in our immediate area just after our dismal bell rang.  Please know that students’ safety is our top priority and our decision to delay their departure is done to protect all children. 

It is always important to review our procedures for delayed dismissal.  As you recall our practices are as follows:

·      We will do our best to make the decision to delay dismissal when possible by 3:55 PM.

·      We will email and text you in the event that we need to keep students past our regular school day (4:00PM).  There may be a slight delay in your receipt of the email and text.  Please make sure to check your phone if there are reports of severe weather towards the end of the day.

·      The email and text will state that you will need to come in the building and pick up your child in his or her classroom.

·      Students who are attending BASE or after school activities that are the located in the building will go to the intended location.

·      Bus riders will be called to the gym and will be loaded onto buses when it is safe to do. Transportation will ensure a safe arrival.  They will either drop them off to waiting parents at stops or hold students on the bus until students are safe enough to be released.

·      Walkers and bikers will be dismissed when the weather is clear.  If the weather does not clear by 4:15 P.M. please come and pick up your child from school.

In the evident that we need to bring students back into the building due to weather, you will need to come in and pick up your child in the gym.  You will receive an email and text informing you of this change. 

Again we appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to keep all students as safe as possible.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or concerns.

Field Day
Students in grades 1-5 will have field day next Thursday, May 29.  Please see the schedule below.  We still need parent volunteers.  Please contact Karen O’Day if you are interested in helping that day.

The schedule is at follows:
·      9:15 - 12:15  Grades 4, 5, Mrs. Hayes, Ms. Nelson and Mrs. Shepperd’s class
·      1:00 - 3:45    Grades 1, 2, plus Mrs. Castro and Mrs. Cieply
·      Kindergarten field day is on June 3rd from 9:30 - 11:30
Student Fun!
Student enjoyed several special activities this week.  Here are a few of our highlights…

Students in grades 2-5 practiced in Junior Achievement on Friday.  Members of Grant Thornton and Anadarko explored different economic principals, such as supply and demand and pricing.  Students enjoyed creating their own communities and building the different businesses needed to support the community.  We thank these businesses for their time and support!

4th grade students venture to Pikes Peak and mine for Gold.

* Lost and Found
Please look at the lost and found when you are in for end of year events.  All items that are not collected by the end of the day on June 5th will be donated. 

* Goal Setting Days Change to Assessment Days in Fall 2014-2015

In an attempt to gain more targeted information regarding your child’s academic strengths and needs, Gold Rush is going to change how our goal setting days are structured this fall.  All students in grades K-5 will start a full day of school on Monday, August 11, 2014.  Each child will come to school for one hour only on either August 21 or August 22 to complete reading and math assessments.  Having students complete assessments with their teacher at a later date allows students to adjust to classroom practices and procedures.  The assessments administered will allow educators to alter their instruction to meet your child’s individual needs and learning style.

Parents will be able to sign up for a day and time using the online Conference Scheduler starting mid July.   You will receive a link to the scheduler via email with your express check in information.  Because we value the information we are obtaining on these days it is imperative that all children complete the assessments on either August 21 or August 22.   Students will end their assessment day by having you accompany them to take their school picture.

August 2014

We continue to believe that it is essential that students meet their teacher and visit their classroom prior to the first day of school.  Families are welcome to visit their classroom on Friday, August 8.  Please see your child’s time below.  You may bring your child’s school supplies at this time.

Meet Your Teacher Times for Friday, August 8th

Last Name

Mark Your Calendar
May 29 – Field Day: Grades 1-5
May 30th @ - Legend HS Graduation / Math Olympiad Awards Celebration
June 3 - Field Day: Kindergarten

June 5- Last Day of School - Wear Hawaiian Shirts