Thursday, September 11, 2014

State Assessment Results - Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP)
I am pleased to share that Gold Rush met state targets in the areas of student achievement and growth in reading, writing and math!  In the area of math, student growth exceeded expectations.  Student achievement refers to the number of students scoring either proficient or advanced.  Student growth, on the other hand, examines how well all students are making growth from one year to the next regardless of their level of achievement.

Students in grades four and five will receive their TCAP results from the state assessment early next week.  As you recall, all students in grades three through five took this assessment in the spring last year.  While students were assessed in reading, writing and math, students in grade four will only receive results in writing and math as reading scores were mailed previously.  Students in grade five will receive results for each content area.

TCAP is one of several pieces of data that teachers use to identify your child’s strengths and areas of growth.  Over the last two weeks teachers have been analyzing multiple data points, identifying each child’s individual goals and planning on how they will best meet his/her needs.  We look forward to sharing this information with you during parent teacher conferences.

Student Council
Gold Rush is excited to offer additional opportunities for student leadership this year in the form of student council.  Students in grades four and five ran for officer positions on Friday.  In short speeches, students conveyed their background, vision and reasons for their candidacy.  While the election results will be in next week, I am proud of all of the students for taking a risk and expressing a desire to serve our school!

Conference Sign Up
You can schedule your conference time through Canyon Creek starting September 8 through September 16. Click here for the link.  The password is Digger.

Upcoming Events
·      September 17 – Legend High School Homecoming Parade
·      September 18 @ 4:30-8:00 – Parent Teacher Conferences
·      September 23 @ 4:30-8:00 – Parent Teacher Conferences
·      September 26 – No School – Teacher Staff Development
·      October 3- Digger Dash

Safety Reminders
Parker Police officers routinely patrol the parking lot and our surrounding area during drop off and dismissal.  They have given several warnings reminding families to park only in identified parking spaces and turn right only out of the parking lot.  Please be mindful of these practices as police officers indicated they will issue tickets for these offenses in the future.