Thursday, January 15, 2015

Student Highlights
Students are excited to learn how to convey their thinking as they write in a new genre.  Students in second through fifth grade are starting informational/exploratory writing, which requires them to use concepts, facts and definitions to write about a topic.  Students learn to write in a variety of different content areas throughout this unit.  In second grade, for instance, students learn to write like scientists.  Third graders will use nonfiction resources to teach others about a topic.  Fourth and fifth graders will write like historians and learn how to craft a thesis.  On Friday teams will further define instruction for these upcoming units.

Teacher Work Day: Focus on World Class Outcomes
Douglas County incorporates the following four elements when designing curriculum: World Class Outcomes, Content, 21st Century Skills and 4cs.   Teachers will spend part of their professional development day examining World Class Outcomes.   World Class Outcomes are guiding learning goals that ensure learning opportunities promote critical thinking.  Some of the outcomes, for example, involve students in the process of inquiry.  Others require students evaluate, appraise and analyze.  Teachers will reflect on how our current instructional practices align to these outcomes and brainstorm additional ways to push students to think at high levels.  I look forward to sharing our work in the other areas (content, 21st century skills and the 4cs) in future posts.

Parent University
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Mark Your Calendar  
·      January 16 – No School – Teacher Training
·      January  19 – No School – Martin Luther King Day
·      January 26 – SAC Meeting @ 5:00-7:00 PM