Thursday, March 19, 2015

Have a Wonderful Spring Break!

School will resume on Monday, April 6th.

Student Highlights
Young Ameritowne
Our fifth grade students had the opportunity to learn about civic responsibility and financial literacy during their field trip to Young Ameritowne.  Students assumed several roles within the community, such as the mayor, police chief and judge.  They had the opportunity to make and purchase goods and services that contributed to the economy of the town.  They also learned about being responsible with their finances and how to make meaningful contributions to society.  We know that students will be able to apply the lessons learned at Young Ameritowne in the future. 

Mark Your Calendar
* March 20 - April 3: Spring Break
* April 9: School Advisory Committee @ 5-6PM
* April 13 - April 17: Spring Book Fair
* April 11: Legend HS Gala