Friday, May 22, 2015

Third Graders Test the Concepts of Financial Literacy
Third grade concluded their study of financial literacy with Sell Day.  As students learned about the concepts of marketing and supply and demand they created their own product that they priced and “sold” today to their classmates and parents.  Students then reflected on which products sold out and why.  I was proud of students’ creativity, which was evident in their products and advertising.

Field Day Schedule
The theme for field day this year is Collaboration, Creativity, Communication & Critical Thinking At Work & At Play.  Students in grades 1-5 will participate on Thursday, May 28, and Kindergarten students are scheduled for June 2.  Please see the schedule below for specific grade level/teacher times.  Please email Mrs. Warner at if you are interested in volunteering.

Thursday, May 28 @ 9:15-12:15
Grade 4, Grade 5, Cieply & Meredith

Thursday, May 28 @ 1:00-3:45
Grade 1, Grade 2, Sheppard, Castro & Nolan

Tuesday, June 2 @ 9:30-11:15

 2016 Chambers Widening Project

The Town of Parker hosted an open house on Tuesday to talk about the Chambers Road Widening Project that will begin in spring of 2016.  As a part of this project, the Town plans to expand Chambers to four lanes (2-lanes southbound and 2-lanes northbound).  The Town also plans to build a pedestrian bridge to provide a safe route for students, families and community members.  The Town estimates that construction will be completed in the fall of 2016 and they plan on allowing cars to use the existing two lanes throughout construction.  The second and final reading of the intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between the Town of Parker and the Douglas County School District for funding the pedestrian bridge will occur on June 1st at the Town Council meeting at 7:00 PM. 

Upcoming Events
·      May 26th – Outdoor Education: Grade 5
·      May 28th – Field Day: Grades 1-5
·      May 29th – Legend HS Graduation
·      June 1st – Summer Used Book Sale @ 11:30-1:00
·      June 2nd – Field Day: Kindergarten & Summer Used Book Sale @ 4:00

·      June 4th – Last Day of School & Hawaiian Day